Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eagerly Anticipated Novel: Secret Speakers

One of the things that is absolutely fantastic about Goodreads is that you can interact with authors at all points of the process. One of the upcoming books I've really gotten to know (and be excited about) is Secret Speakers and the Search for Selador's Gate by KSR Kingworth.

Head on over to this site and you can snag a few chapters of the audiobook. the book is available for purchase now online. I plan on reviewing the book and will let you know more details as soon as I know of them, but for right now, go on over to this site and download your free audio chapters, you WON'T be disappointed!

If at the very least, go to the site and check out the book trailer, if you're a fan of Harry Potter, like me, you won't want to miss this book!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Book in Under 10: The Lives of the Monster Dogs

Okay, at first, it was going to be a book under 5 minutes. Then that turned into 7 minutes, and now it's just under 10...

Wow! That's what happens when you live life dangerously and don't rehearse. LOL. This reminds me never to post when I'm getting over a migraine. It's just not good for me!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Murder of a Royal Pain

I always await the newest novel in this fun series by Denise Swanson. I love this type of mystery. It's like revisiting an old friend while you cover up with a nice warm blanket by the fireplace and drink a cup of cocoa.
Okay, so I don't have a fireplace, and I haven't been in a cocoa mood, but you get the general idea. These books don't come out soon enough, but you learn to savor each and every one of them just the same.

In her eleventh full-length novel, Denise Swanson once again breathes life into our favorite school psychologist (and sleuth) Skye Dennison.When murder hits a prominent after school and prom committee member, Skye tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The road isn't easy for the Scumble River girl, as beau (and Sherrif) Wally leaves the town for a family crisis, her brother and best friend are having some relationship problems and the new school social worker who is everyone's dream, turns into Skye's nightmare.Then there's the threats, the warnings and the clues, which cause Skye to question whether or not she was the intended target of the murderer.

Reading Denise Swanson is like going home. Scumble River is any(small)town, USA (think of it as the everyman for small towns) and Swanson continues to write her ensemble cast of characters in a consistant and believeable way. There is only one question one can possibly have once finished with one of these books--When is the next one coming out?

Wonder When You'll Miss Me

This book was on my wishlist, and I can't remember exactly where I got the title from, but I think it was on a book a day calendar. This book certainly didn't disappoint. In fact, the whole story was interesting and full of a cast of memorable characters.
The reader really gets a sense of who the main character is, even though she doesn't. And that's very hard to write indeed.

Faith Duckle tries to reinvent herself at high school by losing weight at an institution after a failed suicide attempt. Despite the weight loss, Faith doesn't make any waves during her reentry into high school until a single, violent act forces her to flee her home and meet up with a friend who has disappeared into a small, traveling circus.

Faith, fearing capture, renames herself Annabelle and goes on a multi-state journey before finding the circus--only to find that her friend is long gone, his whereabouts unknown. She begins working at the circus as Annabelle, doing various grunt and dirty work until she becomes part of the show, thanks to her involvement with the elephants.

Throughout her physical journey, the Fat Girl she once was offers commentary and criticism. Most of the time, Faith/Annabelle fights with the fat girl, but when her newfound life at the circus is threatened, the fat girl teaches Faith/Annabelle a few important things and proves a well of strength.

I really liked this journey of self discovery, it is unfortunate that author Amanda Davis died so soon after it's completion. The afterword by Michael Chabon memorializes this bright light of American literature that was extinguished too soon.

Such a Pretty Girl

Again with the bookcrossing! Yes, it's a habit and I can't quite seem to break it. I read Laura Weiss's book really quickly (I think in the span of two hours?) and came away having read a good story and a pretty darn good ending, which you don't normally think of when you start reading this YA-novel. Review is below.

One time 'Daddy's Girl' Meredith holds a secret so terrible that it is talked about by everyone--her neighbors, her schoolmates and even people she doesn't know. Meredith's testimony at her father's trial three years ago was the nail in the coffin--and he should have been in prison for a very long time.

His good behavior, however, gets him back on the streets and back into her house, free to become the predator he once was. This time, Meredith is older and, now 15, she can trap him. In order to do so, she enlists the help of an ex-policeman neighbor, her handicapped boyfriend (who was also once a victim of her father's appetites) and her boyfriend's mother (the former lover of the monster himself).

In order to trap him and keep other children safe, Meredith will have to use herself as bait--an action that will alienate her from her mother--the one person's in Meredith's father's corner. Meredith makes some tough but believeable decisions. In Meredith, Weiss has created a strong, believeable character than fans of Laurie Halse Anderson's 'Speak' will embrace and remember for years to come.

The Story of a Marriage

Thanks to Picador's Twitter feed, I was a lucky recipient of a copy of Andrew Sean Greer's "The Story of a Marriage." I even got to participate in the Twitter Book Group for this particular book (located via a link here).

I really enjoyed reading the book, it was a quick read that I tried to take my time on, but Greer has a real way with words, so it wasn't a labor. I will definitely read other books he's written (including the Confessions of Max Tivoli).

A great book. It's been bookcrossed, so I'm hoping to release it somewhere soon. My review is below. Enjoy!

Pearlie lives live much like any other housewife in Northern California in the early 1950s. She dutifully works to keep the house clean, keeps her polio striken son as healthy and vibrant as possible and her husband happy and calm (so as not to aggrevate his heart condition. All seems well, or at least liveable (like her husband's affair) until a knock at the door turns Pearlie's world upside down.

A white man's startling revelation about his relationship with Pearlie's husband during their wartime stay in the hospital should tear her world apart; instead the revelation opens doors she never knew existed. Pearlie and the man strike up an unlikely friendship and, ultimately, he delivers stunning plans for her husband, plans that will have huge ramifications for Pearlie and her son.

Now Pearlie must scramble to put a price on love, a figure high enough to secure a happy future for herself and her son. Greer's language turns what might be an interesting story into a compelling, must-read book. Hailed by authors and critics alike, The Story of a Marriage, will stick with the reader for a long time.


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